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8 Mar 2021 Mon
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Subject: Automotive LED Lighting-LED Manufacturers !!!~

For a long time, LED display applications has been the main demands of the heat dissipation requirements for the LED is not very high case, LED over traditional resin substrate package. After 2000, with the LED of high brightness and high efficiency of technology development, coupled with significantly improved the efficiency of blue LED light, and LED manufacturing costs continue to decline, so that LED applications, and the willingness of the industry-wide adoption of LED continually increase , including liquid crystal, electrical appliances, automobile industry, but also began to actively consider the possibility of application of LED, such as the consumer products industry expectations for high-power LED is to achieve energy saving, high brightness, long life, high color reproducibility, This represents to achieve high heat dissipation capabilities, is a high-power LED package substrate indispensable conditions. In addition, LCD panel makers to face the EU RoHS specifications, to confront the cold cathode fluorescent lamp will be a comprehensive mercury-based environmental pressures, creating a market for high-power LED needs were more urgent. LED Package In addition to protecting the internal LED chips, but also for both LED chips with an external electrical connections, cooling and other functions.