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27 Jan 2021 Wed
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Subject: Ba9s base bulbs-T10 high bright/high power LED

Ba9s base bulbs-T10 high bright/high power LED

Chi-Ming light bulb on in the car, manufacturing automotive interior lighting LED bulbs, LED bulbs turn signals, brake lights car LED light bulbs, dashboard LED bulbs, tail LED lights after the vehicle lamp, car side lights LED light bulbs, car Article soft lights with LED bulbs, and trucks with light bulbs, marine bulbs, motorcycle bulbs, electric bulbs car, train with LED light bulbs, light bulbs of various actions with a warning, lighting bulbs. Description: Made up of 1UHP super bright LED bulbs giving out white light, used in Various switching directions bulbs, signal warning lamp. Character: 12V/24VDC; ; long life with over 50,000 hours on average ;Eco-label, Saving energy ;Fast active, Pure color with nice appearance ;