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KIM Chen
2018 Exhibition-The newly developed product of Chi Ming is a series of camping car.

Products > 9.LED Motorcycle Lights > LED Lights-TURNING LIGHT

Automotive LED Lights-1156-BA15S-LED
Automotive LED Lights-1156-BA15S-LED
Automotive LED Lights-194-T10-LED-LED Bulbs
Automotive LED Lights-194-T10-LED-LED Bulbs

chiming LED Bulbs

  •   Side Marker Lights LED

     Fog Lights, DRL Lamps LED

      Parking Position Lights LED

      Door Courtesy Lights LED

     Interior Dome Lights LED

    Turn Signal Lights LED

     Back Up Reverse Lights LED

     License Plate Lights LED

·Automotive LED Bulbs, 1156, 1157 Bayonet Style


·Automotive LED Bulbs, 3156, 3157 Wedge Style

·Automotive LED Bulbs, Festoon Bulb

·Automotive LED Bulbs, Right Angled 10mm Wedge

·Automotive LED Bulbs, LED Bulbs, 15mm SC Bayonet

·Automotive LED Bulbs, LED Bulbs, 10mm Miniature Wedge

·LED Light Bulbs, Transportation (Air, Train, Bus), Reading Light

·LED Miniature Bulbs, Bayonet Bases

·LED Automotive Dash Board Back Light Bulb

·Automotive LED Bulbs, Load Resistor


Chi Ming Electronic to serve customer needs, focus on LED application products, automobiles and the development of light switches, LED brightness constant upgrading, automotive applications use constant current LED modules, LED substantially improve the quality of stability.




1156 USA



BA15s - Single Contact Candelabra Bayonet (or S.C.Bayonet)

automobile lamp
emergency Vehical lamp
flashing signal lamp
incandescent lamp
motorcycle lamp
stop light lamp
turn signal lam


















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