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KIM Chen
2018 Exhibition-The newly developed product of Chi Ming is a series of camping car.

Products > 4.Auto LED new product > POD T10 Wedge Power 1 LED

POD T10 Wedge Power 1 LED

(A) Electronics and Optical Characteristics: Ta=25◥C
PART NO Emitting Color Forward TotalityLuminous Intensity Dominant  Color
Voltage Efficacy Wavelength  Temperature
T10-1SMD-(1515)-30VAC (AC)
Unit: V Unit: LM Unit:LM/W Unit:nm Unit:K
Error margin:±5%
W Super White 30 49.64 60.53 X:0.3102 Y:0.305 6905
Test Condition Power: 0.82W             Current:27±10%mA


Flip-chip LED is inverted, the electrodes directly on the LED chip in direct contact with the substrate, because a large emitting area, and a better light efficiency, in addition to good heat dissipation, wire-free, etc.




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