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KIM Chen
Chi ming Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 1984. Has nearly 38 years of experience. Manufacturing LED car lights, LED truck lights. Serving the needs of customers is the most important goal.

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HDL-01 Car LED Working Light
HDL-01 Car LED Working Light

HDL-01 Car LED Working Light




Chi Ming Electronics 2016 AMPA April 6-9 display HDL-01 LED work lamp specially designed heat pipe cooling technology and nano-graphite thermal technology.




  1) Aluminum LED work light HDL-01, heat pipe technology, nano graphene thermal technology.

  2) The optical design has no yellow iris, Cree Xhp50 LED, life of 25,000 hours.

  3) Color temperature 2700K warm color) -6000K cool white) to choose from.

  4). Luminous flux 1500LM ~ 1800LM.

  5). Voltage 10V ~ 50V wide voltage, switch-mode PWM constant current source-driven.

  6) Car power supply 12V, truck power 24V, can be used, power is 16W.

  7) can be fixed with a bracket 49mm, 66mm, 76mm and other sizes.

  8) HDL-01 LED Working Light Small size 58mm * 120mm. Weight 500 grams.

  7). Dustproof, waterproof -IP68


 Taiwan Chiming Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of LED car lights. The company has a complete set of testing equipment, including cold and hot shock, and waterproof IP67. Taiwan Chiming has a well-established production line and quality control system, ensuring strict checks on product design, manufacturing, and shipment, to ensure product stability and reliability. Additionally, the company constantly invests in and introduces new technologies and equipment to improve product quality and performance.

Cold and hot shock testing is a commonly used testing method that simulates product operation in different temperature environments to test product durability and stability. Waterproof IP67 refers to products that have excellent waterproof performance and can operate normally in wet and highly dusty environments. Taiwan Chiming's testing equipment and quality control system comply with international standards, ensuring that product quality and stability reach the highest level.

As a professional LED car light manufacturer, Taiwan Chiming has always focused on technological innovation and quality control, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services, and has rich manufacturing experience and professional knowledge. The company is willing to work together with customers to develop and innovate, to meet the ever-changing market demands.

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