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KIM Chen
2018 Exhibition-The newly developed product of Chi Ming is a series of camping car.

Products > 6.LED Auto BA15D > auto bulbs LED Resistor-LED application products

R-25 W10
R-25 W10
R-25W 10Ohm

AumorLight    chimingBulbs
 .R-21 W
R-25W 27Ω
•Automotive LED Bulbs, 1156, 1157 Bayonet Style
•Automotive LED Bulbs, 3156, 3157 Wedge Style
•Automotive LED Bulbs, Festoon Bulb
•Automotive LED Bulbs, Right Angled 10mm Wedge
•Automotive LED Bulbs, LED Bulbs, 15mm SC Bayonet
•Automotive LED Bulbs, LED Bulbs, 10mm Miniature Wedge
•LED Light Bulbs, Transportation (Air, Train, Bus), Reading Light
•LED Miniature Bulbs, Bayonet Bases
•LED Automotive Dash Board Back Light Bulb
•Automotive LED Bulbs, Load Resistor
Chi Ming Electronic has developed a high-power package, the light efficiency 95lm / W, 1000 hours of testing no light failure, we will launch a light effect recently 105lm / W products, prices remain unchanged, MR16 3W is for products, reliability is good.

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