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Subject: Automotive LED-Interior Automotive Lighting !~~

Automotive LED-Interior Automotive Lighting

In 2008, UVA and UVB LED is now the main application of UV LED technology. Of these, 90% of the UV LED is applied in the ultraviolet light treatment (UV Curing), anti-counterfeit detectors, medical equipment and other markets. Only 10% are configured in the air and water purification machines. Among them, ultraviolet light therapy, anti-counterfeiting documents and money detectors, photocatalyst air purifier, health care UVA light therapy is the main application markets. Among them, ultraviolet light therapy market accounted for the highest proportion of UVA, the market value of approximately 120 million U.S. dollars, but annual growth rate of more than 10%. However, as the power output improvement, efficiency, life expectancy increases and cost reduction, the future will be the next phase of the UVC market UV LED can enter the application market. Whether the first one according to its UVC LED application market will be in the scientific analysis of the instrument. Estimated in 2010, UVC LED market, will make significant inroads into sterilization, or other new portable market applications.