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KIM Chen

LED Bulbs Manufacturers-Chi Ming Electronics Corp.

Chi-Ming Electronics Corp. is Taiwan company offering innovative solution in the area of lighting system, include automotive bulbs, household bulbs, indication bulbs. The Companysolution are dedicated to impulse lighting technology development, bettering the lives of people, enriching lifestyle, reduce energy spending and impulse environment protection.

UNISTAR Solid State Lighting for a variety of lighting needs to provide high quality LED products to meet your brightness, efficiency and lighting quality cravings. Chi Ming Electronics and UNISTAR Solid State Lighting has now closely - Chi Ming Electronics for the future quality and development has been recognized by UNISTAR Solid State Lighting - LED automotive lighting we will spend more advantages, to meet customer demand too.


UNISTAR Solid State Lighting LEDlighting market cut into the car Chi Ming Electronics - UNISTAR Solid State Lighting market-leading products CSP Series flip chip package with excellent seismic performance, heat resistance, high reliability, etc., have successfully cut into the automotive lighting market. CSP LED is a high-power SMD package components. Using UNISTAR Solid State Lighting market-leading patented flip-chip structure, with no gold wire, high-temperature continuous line, fast heat conduction, and low light decay, quite suitable for the importance of reliability and shock-resistant vehicle lighting products. In addition to the existing white series can be used in interior reading lights, work lights, daytime running lights, some monochromatic series can be used outside the car fog lights, lights and other lighting. Currently  UNISTAR Solid State Lightingproducts have been successfully introduced into a variety of automotive design lighting modules, including professional automotive lighting manufacturer Chi Ming Electronics has successfully passed the test and the full import of the application, expected soon to extend to European markets.

 Quantum LED light Chi Ming Electronics including automotive light bulbs, LED DRL light,backup light LED(car bulbs 1142 LED,car bulbs 1156 LED,1157 LED,car bulbs 7440 LED,7443 LED,car bulbs 3156 LED,3157 LED,car bulbs 194 LED,car bulbs R5W LED,67 LED,car bulbs 74 LED,car bulbs 1893 Ba9s LED,car bulbs festoon bulbs LED,Festoon bulbs LED SV8.5 base,car bulbs G4 LED,MR16 LED,car bulbs B8. D LED,Neowedge LED,car bulbs T10 LED,T13 LED, 921 LED,car bulbs Wedge Base LED,T5 LED,car bulbs Panel LED); Auto bulbs led lighting; Indicator bulbs lights; (car Turn signal bulbs-1156 high bright LED bulbs;car bulbs 3156 high bright LED bulbs;car 7440 high bright LED bulbs) (car Brake stop bulbs-1157 high bright LED bulbs; 3157 high bright LED bulbs; 7443 high bright LED bulbs) (car taillight bulb-R5w high bright LED bulbs;car 67 high bright LED bulbs;car 921 high bright LED bulbs; Wedge t13 high bright LED bulbs) (car side light bulb-Wedge 194 high bright LED bulbs;car Ba9s t10 high bright LED bulbs;car Wedge t10 high bright LED bulbs; B10d high bright LED bulbs) (car license plate light bulb -194 high power LED bulbs;car T13 wedge high power LED bulbs;car soft rays light LED) ( car Interior lights-Festoon high power LED bulbs;car 194 high power LED bulbs;car PCB high bright LED bulbs;car Ba9s t10 high power LED bulbs;) (car dashboard bulbs-B8.5d high bright LED bulbs; B8.3d high bright LED bulbs ;car B8.4d high bright LED bulbs;car B8.7d high bright LED bulbs;car Neo wedge high bright LED bulbs;car Ba7s high bright LED bulbs; Groove high bright LED bulbs;car 74 Wedge T5 high bright LED bulbs; T6.5 wedge high bright LED bulbs; B10d high bright LED bulbs; Bi-pin high bright LED bulbs; Flange T5 high bright LED bulbs; 194 PCB high bright LED bulbs) (car Side Mark-OL-Side Mark-6SMD; UNDER CAR LIGHTING; WARNING FLASH LIGHT; SIDE MARK-12SLED; FLASH LIGHT-10SMD; LED UNDER CAR KIT; SIDE MARK-13SLED; SIDE MARK-3SLED; SIDE MARK-24LED) (car Daytime Running Light LED-H3 high bright LED bulbs;H4 high bright LED bulbs;H7 high bright LED bulbs;H11 high bright LED buls;H1 high bright LED bulbs;HB3 high bright LED bulbs;HB4 high bright LED bulbs;880 high bright LED bulbs).

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At 1999, our entire products achieve International level, obtain ISO9001 Quality management certifications. Consummate quality control machine, facility and professional employees check entire product accurately, insure every products supply have steady and also high level quality. On the other hand, our R&D Department, now with 10 engineers, includes abundant experience and professional knowledge on optics design and electrocircuit design, and also the creative development skill and the passion on product innovation. It drive our product provide stable also innovate design especially on Automotive and Household Led Lighting Area.

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Nowadays, depletion of traditional energy sources and global warming problem become more serious. However, people standard of living keeps exaltation, more and more Electrical Equipment and also in lighting within people life to increase energy deplete. But LED product bring out a revolution on lighting, for energy saving, it only spent quarter of power of energy compare with traditional lighting. High efficiency lighting, average 50000 hours life, it reduce power consumption but support environment protection, bettering the lives of people, enriching lifestyle. So for the future, Chi-Ming Electronics Corp will keep on increase our producing quantity, light output and especially quality control of our LED product. We will try our best to developing LED lighting system to apply on Automotive and Household Area, for devote contribution of people lives.