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Subject: Automotive LED Lighting-LED Manufacturers!~!

Automotive LED Lighting-L

In recent years, a gradual switch to high thermal conductivity ceramic,or metal resin package structure, is to solve the heat dissipation, and strengthening of the original features make efforts. LED-chip high-power-based methods commonly used are: chip size, and to improve the luminous efficiency, high efficiency of taking light package, and the high-current technology. Although such practices was the proportion of current light-emitting volume will increase, but the heat will rise. Pairs of high-power LED package, technically speaking, due to cooling problems caused a certain degree of distress, in this context, a cost-effective metal substrate technology, it becomes a high efficiency LED, after a highly concerned about the other one a new发展. The past, because LED output power is small, such as the use of traditional FR4 glass-epoxy substrate, and would not cause too much heat, but applied to high-power lighting LED, the luminous efficiency of about 20% to 30% or so, although the chip area is fairly small, the overall consumption of electricity is not high, but the heat per unit area is great. In general, the resin substrate of the heat, only able to support 0.5W following LED, or more than 0.5W of LED, multi-use metal or ceramic substrate for high-heat packaging, main reason is that directly affect the heat dissipation substrate LED life and performance, so substrate into the design of high brightness LED product development focus.