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Subject: Car bulbs LED-Pcb Board LED Dashboard bulbs Panel.

car dashboard bulbs-B8.5d high bright LED bulbs; B8.3d high bright LED bulbs ; B8.4d high bright LED bulbs; B8.7d high bright LED bulbs; Neowedge high bright LED bulbs; Ba7s high bright LED bulbs; Groove high bright LED bulbs; 74 Wege T5 high bright LED bulbs; T6.5 wedge high bright LED bulbs; B10d high bright LED bulbs; Bi-pin high bright LED bulbs; Flange T5 high bright LED bulbs; 194 PCB high bright LED bulbs. Chi-Ming Electronics Corp. Newly developed UBLED-60SMD can be applied to 1156 bulbs 1157 bulbs-3156 bubls 3157 bulbs -7440 bulbs 7443 bulbs ... and other products, we have the patents, have our independent special design, very good to functional and beautiful appearance. is our long-term research and development of crystal products factory. Chi-Ming Electronics Corp. Professional development cars, trucks LED bulbs. Our 2000 research and development manufacturing LED light bulb, in 1984 began production of incandescent light bulbs, now, to LED bulbs in the field as we continue to research and development objectives; improvement process, Chi-Ming With LED Lamps packaging sector. Power circuit design, thermal cooling R & D team, so that products can quickly develop and manufacture, Chi-Ming are fully automated to quality improvement. Chi-Ming light bulb on in the car, manufacturing automotive interior lighting LED bulbs, LED bulbs turn signals, brake lights car LED light bulbs, dashboard LED bulbs, tail LED lights after the vehicle lamp, car side lights LED light bulbs, car Article soft lights with LED bulbs, and trucks with light bulbs, marine bulbs, motorcycle bulbs, electric bulbs car, train with LED light bulbs, light bulbs of various actions with a warning, lighting bulbs. Chi Ming Electronics is the fastest growing LED light supplier in Taiwan. If you\'re looking for the Indicator LED light to match your type of application and need fast, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best for you soon. We provide person to person service with advanced technology for order fulfillment,shortening the delivery lead time with our contracted logistic partners. Chi Ming satisfies its buyers with superior quality, competitive prices,punctual delivery and excellent after-sales service. Contact us now !