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KIM Chen
Chi ming Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 1984. Has nearly 38 years of experience. Manufacturing LED car lights, LED truck lights. Serving the needs of customers is the most important goal.

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G4 LED -12SMD(2835)12- LED Automotive Bulbs Lights

LED auto bulbs light

"Chi Ming Electronics Corp. is dedicated to manufacturing LED automotive lights, with a strong focus on continuous process improvement. Our long-term goal is to develop innovative products through relentless research. We are committed to advancing the core objectives of LED vehicle lighting. #LEDlights #innovation #automotive"

"Chi-Ming Electronics Corp. - Enlightening the Road Ahead with Intelligent LED Lighting Solutions."

At Chi-Ming Electronics Corp., we specialize in LED automotive lights, LED truck lights, and peripheral lighting applications. With a steadfast commitment to intelligence, ethics, research, and development, we are dedicated to illuminating the way with our innovative LED lighting products.

Our advanced LED technology ensures that your vehicles shine brightly, providing superior visibility and safety on the roads. From headlights and taillights to interior and exterior lighting solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of LED products designed to enhance your driving experience.

Intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. We constantly push the boundaries of LED lighting technology, staying ahead of the curve to deliver intelligent and energy-efficient solutions. Our team of skilled engineers and researchers work diligently to develop cutting-edge LED products that meet the highest industry standards.

Ethics is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We prioritize responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices, ensuring that our LED lighting products are environmentally friendly and meet rigorous quality control measures. With Chi-Ming Electronics Corp., you can trust that our products are not only technologically advanced but also ethically produced.

Research and development are key drivers of our success. We invest significant resources into exploring new possibilities and optimizing our existing LED lighting solutions. By harnessing the power of innovation, we continually strive to exceed customer expectations and lead the way in the LED lighting industry.

Join us on the journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future. Choose Chi-Ming Electronics Corp. for intelligent LED lighting solutions that illuminate the road ahead with efficiency and reliability. Together, let's light up the world and drive with confidence. #ChiMingElectronicsCorp #EnlightenTheRoadAhead #IntelligentLEDLighting


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9F.-01, No.229, Fuxing 2nd Rd., Zhubei City,

Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.),

TEL886-3-6587785,886-3-6587781, Fax:886-3-6758598

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Taiwan Chi-ming Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of LED car lights. The company has a complete set of testing equipment, including cold and hot shock, and waterproof IP67. Taiwan Chi-ming has a well-established production line and quality control system, ensuring strict checks on product design, manufacturing, and shipment, to ensure product stability and reliability. Additionally, the company constantly invests in and introduces new technologies and equipment to improve product quality and performance.

Cold and hot shock testing is a commonly used testing method that simulates product operation in different temperature environments to test product durability and stability. Waterproof IP67 refers to products that have excellent waterproof performance and can operate normally in wet and highly dusty environments. Taiwan Chi-ming's testing equipment and quality control system comply with international standards, ensuring that product quality and stability reach the highest level.

As a professional LED car light manufacturer, Taiwan Chi-ming has always focused on technological innovation and quality control, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services, and has rich manufacturing experience and professional knowledge. The company is willing to work together with customers to develop and innovate, to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Chi-ming Company specializes in automotive lamp LED, truck lamp LED, professional manufacturer.

Chi-ming Company is a professional manufacturer of LED lights. Founded in 1984, it has 35 years of manufacturing experience. Focus on R&D, innovation, automotive lamp manufacturing, truck lights, quality and process improvement, improvement and customer service needs are the most important goals.

Chi-ming Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to improving the quality, LED light, machine, electricity, heat expertise to meet customer needs, to make the best design and development, and to obtain customer recognition.

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